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Tomuno Yoga MatSticky mats are made of PVC.  They are typically low cost, in the $10 to $20 price range for an average mat.  Although they are called “sticky” mats, they can actually be slippery, especially if you’re sweating a little.  They also tend to flake apart after just a few uses, so they don’t hold up to the test of time.  I did a lot of research into yoga mats before deciding to purchase a nicer mat and after reading the Amazon reviews, I decided to take a chance on the Tomuno yoga mat.

The Tomuno yoga mat isn’t one that comes up in most searches for the best yoga mat.  Those searches are dominated by Manduka, Gaiam and Jade.  But after reading reviews about several different mats, I had decided that I wanted a natural rubber mat (which should not be purchased by anyone with a known latex allergy).  At the time the Tomuno yoga mat was only about $50 on Amazon so I felt like I was taking a chance by purchasing a mat that’s so much less expensive than the Manduka and Jade options, but the reviews are positive and I assumed that a rubber mat is basically the same regardless of who manufactures it.

I’ve had my Tomuno yoga mat for 6 months now, long enough that I feel I can give a solidly positive review.  The mat is made of natural rubber and has a non-stick pattern.  I rarely slip and slide on this mat and it rarely bunches up.  It stays in place and my grip is always solid.  All natural rubber mats will have a slight rubber smell and the Tomuno is no exception.  The smell didn’t bother me when the mat was new and I don’t even notice it now.tomunoyogamat1

The mat has held up exceptionally well in comparison to the sticky mats I have tried in the past.  My sticky mats have generally begun to flake after only a few weeks.  I’ve been using the Tomuno yoga mat for 6 months and although it has a couple of very small pitted holes in it, it has not flaked or fallen apart in any way.  The small pits have not affected the performance of the mat at all.  The company also appears to have a generous return policy so if a larger issue were to arise I’m fairly confident that it would be resolved.

The mat is heavier than your typical sticky mat, but that’s to be expected with a rubber mat.  It weighs about 5 pounds so it wouldn’t be difficult to carry with you.  The mat is textured on both sides and although I’ve only used it on one side so far, it appears to be reversible so you can get double duty out of the mat.  The Tomuno yoga mat is very cushioned and thick so it will be useful for people who need a little extra cushion and support.

A few words of caution.  Rubber is a natural material and will degrade over time so don’t expect this to last forever.  Do not use essential oils, soaps or, lotions, etc with this mat.  If you’ve used lotion, it’s a good idea to wash your hands or better yet shower before practicing.  Oils will corrode and degrade rubber much more quickly than it would degrade on its own.  It’s also important not to store the mat in direct sunlight.  This goes for all rubber mats, not just the Tomuno!

Cleaning a rubber yoga mat is a fairly simple process.  Rubber is porous so it can and will harbor bacteria, but a quick daily wipe with a clean cloth and water will help keep it clean.  For a deeper clean, use a minimal amount of mild soap with no essential oils and rinse thoroughly but do not soak.

Overall I’m very pleased with my Tomuno yoga mat and will probably purchase one again in a few years when the rubber degrades and I need to buy a new one.  I’ve used the mat almost daily for 6 months and it has held up very well, remained sticky and the rubber smell has faded.  I was lucky to purchase one while the price was low but I would pay the $73.99 that they are currently asking at the time this review was written.  After all, the Manduka black mat is still substantially higher priced, especially for the most interesting colors.  This is a high quality mat and compares nicely with the major brand name mats.


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Tomuno Yoga Mat

Tomuno Yoga Mat









          Ease of Care



            • High Traction
            • Natural Materials
            • Generous Company Return Policy
            • Price
            • Thickness


            • Rubber Degrades Over Time
            • My Mat Pitted
            • Size - Only 68 inches long
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