Review: Leith Petwerx Rabbit Condo

I did literally days worth of research on rabbit cages before adopting my first bunny Wally and in the end I went with one of the more expensive options, the 48″ double level Leith Petwerx Rabbit Condo. I want to start my review by clarifying that as far as I know they don’t have an affiliate program and I haven’t been compensated in any way to write this so all opinions are truly my own.

I love my Leith Petwerx Rabbit Condo! It was definitely on the high side price-wise but it was definitely worth it. It seems well made with quality materials and I believe comes with a 10 year warranty, although I’m not seeing that wording on the site today at first glance. The floors of each level are solidly built of some kind of non-porous material that has been very easy to clean with a little vinegar and water. It’s slippery so bunnies might peel out on it so I definitely suggest using the included carpet on the second floor for their comfort.

The cage is spacious and would be comfortable for a small to medium rabbit or bonded pair. This is absolutely not large enough to act as the bunny’s sole area so keep in mind that they will still need access to the house or an exercise pen. However, as far as cages go this is a larger version and will be more comfortable at anytime the rabbit needs to be confined.

Wally had no problem with the “stairs” and was able to navigate up and down on his first day. Other rabbits may need practice and training to get the hang of the ramp.

Putting the condo together was a little difficult at first but once I got the hang of it the process went smoothly. A large part of my decision to purchase the Leith Petwerx Rabbit Condo instead of another hutch is the ability to easily take the hutch apart and move it. Since our home isn’t air conditioned the bunny needs to stay in a separate area in the summer so the process will be much easier.

I was very tempted to buy the 3 level cage. However, the double level is larger than I pictured it in my mind and I doubt that I will upgrade any time soon.

Overall this is a great cage that my rabbit and I are very happy with. Below I’ve included pictures of the instructions (which are clearly written in English!) and assembly process.

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