Intuitive Eating What To Eat?

intuitiveeatingwhattoeatWhen you are practicing intuitive eating, you may wonder what to eat.  This is a good question because if you are trying intuitive eating you probably have years or dieting or eating disorder under your belt.  Many diets limit what you can eat.

Intuitive eating what to eat? The short answer is whatever you want.  The long answer is a little more complicated.

Sure, you can eat candy bars and pizza for every meal but you won’t feel good, you won’t honor the needs of your body and you’ll probably gain weight and other health problems.  When you eat junk food to excess it is easier to overeat, especially if you have a history of binging on that type of food.  It can shut your brain down and stop you from all the hard work you’ve done learning to listen to the cues your body sends.

That isn’t to say you can or should never eat junk food!  All food has a place in your diet.  If you are out and about or having a long day and are too tired to cook then certainly a hamburger and french fries is an acceptable choice for one meal.  The problem is when you make that choice for every meal.

I’ve been feeling fatigued lately and it has lead me to some poor food choices, which has lead me to ignore my body.  I can see from my own experience that eating 3 doughnuts for breakfast and a cookie for lunch was only setting me up for an unhealthy dinner.  My blood sugar was low from the sugary foods and instead making good food choices for dinner, I caved in to the low blood sugar and binged on pizza.  This is a perfect example of why eating what you want does not necessarily mean eating junk.

Most people, given a choice, will choose healthy foods most of the time.  If you eat healthy foods regularly you will also start to crave them and desire them.  You will crave the taste, texture and the way it makes your body feel .

With intuitive eating you can eat what you want, but the point is to try to make positive and healthy choices more often than not while avoiding the temptation to punish yourself when you make an unwise choice.  Remember that all food can have a place in your diet but it’s up to you decide what that place is.

Most people who practice intuitive eating won’t try to prescribe a food/meal plan or tell you should or shouldn’t eat a certain food because intuitive eating isn’t a diet.  It’s all about honoring your body.  If your body craves something fatty, consider cooking up some veggies in a healthy dose of coconut oil.  If your body craves something sugary, consider a salad with a honey miso dressing.  If your body screams for candy, savor a piece of candy.

Intuitive eating is a long term lifestyle choice, not a temporary diet.  Allow yourself some grey area to enjoy what you eat while still trying to lead a mostly healthy lifestyle.  Base your diet on what you like and what makes you feel good.  Try to taste new foods and learn new recipes.  Eat the foods you love–but only until you are satisfied.


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