Healing Crystals 

Today’s world is a blur of carcinogens, plastics, pollution and stress leading to obesity (and related illnesses), heart disease, intestinal distress, cancer, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on.  Most people don’t realize how sick they really are, but by using healing crystals you can combat the hectic modern world to greatly increase your health and well-being. 
The most important thing to remember about healing crystals is that they are of the Earth, and the Earth is of the Universe. The Earth and the Universe gave us our lives and our consciousness and have provided us with everything we need to survive. It isn’t always clear to us what we need to nourish our physical and mental health, but the Earth and Universe have laid out the building blocks for a healthy body and mind. Just like we need the metals given to us by the world (iron to prevent anemia, for example) so too do we need crystals. 

Crystals emit an almost indistinguishable radiance that the cells in our body are keenly award of. Although you can’t see or feel the waves emanating from the healing crystal, they are there like the invisible air we breathe. 

Crystals are all around us buried within the Earth but sometimes their power is blocked by dirt, rocks or buildings. This is why it is critically important to choose crystals to heal your own physical or emotional ailments and keep them close to you at all times. 


Amethyst, the beautiful purple stone, is a fountain of healing energy. It balances your Pah to provide soothing calm and peace. The purple coloration of the amethyst is as important as the crystalline energy because purple represents good fortune. If you suffer from frequent anger, wear an amethyst tiara.  The crystal’s energy will emit soothing waves which will be absorbed by the free radicals in your brain, causing their motion to slow and a gentle calm to embrace you. If you embrace the crystal with an open mind your anger will be transformed to a love salad from which you can periodically nourish your soul. 


Rose quartz is a soothing pink which is appropriate because it soothes arthritis pain. Wear rose quartz as a necklace and you will be healed by an effervescent transference of cool relief. This type of healing crystal works by absorbing inflammation particles like a sponge. It’s important to soak your healing rose quartz in a solution of goat milk, patchouli oil and fresh lavender for at least an hour each week to cleanse it of the inflammation particles it has absorbed from your body. 


Jade has long been known in the far east for its healing properties but it has recently caught on in the west. Jade will heal you of your anxiety and insecurities by emitting a radiant confidence that your entire being will subtly mimic. Wearing a pure jade bracelet is the best way to use healing jade. As time wears on you will notice your confidence soar and your anxiety drop. Do not ever remove your jade or your insecurities will wash back over you in a terrifying flood of panic and fear. 


Perhaps the most pricey gem on our list is sapphire, and rightly so. Our environment is laced with toxins that we absorb though our skin, food, water and air. Our bodies were not created with the ability to detoxify our blood and tissues. Toxins will build up over months and years eventually leading to every chronic illness, including cancer. Sapphires are the most detoxifying crystal and depending on your environment I suggest obtaining no smaller than a 100 carat sapphire. Of course, if you live in a particularly toxic environment it might be a good idea to wear a larger sapphire. The deeper blue the better. The blue color of the healing sapphire is important to the detoxification process and you will achieve much better results by wearing a very deep blue crystal. Wrap your sapphire in fresh sage leaves to encourage extra detoxification and cleansing. A great way to do this is by wrapping your sapphire loosely in wire and inserting the sage into the spaces between the stone and the wire. 

This entire article has been brought to you by SATIRE. NOTHING found here is medically sound advice and you should not do anything mentioned above. Chilling with some quartz isn’t actually going to harm you, but seriously, if you’re sick go see a DOCTOR. Do not try to detoxify yourself. That’s why you have a liver and kidneys! Feel free, however, to cut back on your use of plastics and man-made chemicals. Anyhow, just to reiterate, this article is not serious and you should see a doctor if you are sick. Also, links to Amazon are affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my web hosting. 

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