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There really isn’t an “us”.  It’s me, my cats, and a few friends who help out from time to time.  I’m happy to say that I live in Missoula, MT and have the opportunity to enjoy nature.  I got the idea for Pinkie’s Oinkments after tearing my trapezius.  I regained full strength and range of movement but I have chronic soreness and stiffness.  The commercial topical analgesics I tried and looked at worked to some extent but also had scary ingredient lists–paraffin petrolatum (petroleum byproduct), microcrystalline wax (petroleum byproduct), benzyl alcohol (shown to be toxic in rats)–you get the picture.  So I began researching the health benefits of capsaicin, which led me to other natural pain killers, and here we are.

I’m not a professional writer although I did major in English.  I have a weird sense of humor, a non-linear thought pattern, I’m easily distracted and I’m not a professional photographer.  I’m not even a good photographer.  I’m highly motivated but incredibly lazy.  I’m an enigma wrapped in pajamas covered in cat hair.  I love curry, full fat dairy, exercise and candy.  I can eat a pound of brussels sprouts in one sitting and enjoy every bite.  I won’t write a sunshine lollipops blog because I’m not a sunshine lollipops person, but I’ll always tell you the truth.

I also have clothing available!
I also have clothing available!
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